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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Steve Edmonds

      Code lazer

    2. Echobat

      I feel like he lives in America bcz he knows the Alabama joke about incest 🤔

    3. Hamadaoya Hamad Heather Heather I am with my name

      I am bored I am bored I love you I am bored I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored I want all all the time leather been to that yeah you one

    4. Hamadaoya Hamad Heather Heather I am with my name

      Lives being skirts ask laserbeam toy do you tala

    5. Jim King

      I don't know if you'll read this, but why not attempt to bring RuneScape back? You did well with Minecraft. You could make such a long series as well

    6. FELL0


    7. BurliestDraven

      lazarbeam can you please play the last three chapters of bendy and the ink machine because in your last bendy video you got to chapter 2. please play the last three

    8. Shame Gamer


    9. Shame Gamer

      Look what I did on my USfilm lazarbeam

    10. NightmarePZR


    11. ZandDah


    12. nifty life

      "theres not really much to do in gaming" *sad minecraft noises*

    13. filix the cat

      I would love to play fortnite with you lazarbeam. It would make my life a lot less sad. My fortnite name is felixthecartoon

    14. Gerhard TV cddgvv Scholtz

      I love your vids

    15. Ola?

      lazarbeam.........prince Phillip is dead........:(

    16. Nick •

      Is lazer beam loseing his fame

    17. Paki Aussie


    18. rach ralph

      Subscribe to RNG playz

    19. Anthony Paglia

      Laser beam I just got jump scared by garbage Me so you got jump scared by me?

    20. Nelson Stewart

      Lazarbeam Ty, I had a rough day and watching your videos made me happy, thanks again for making me feel better

    21. Charlie Bolger

      Get A mullet

    22. No One

      Do a year review lol

    23. Niko Duran Lu

      is it sad that it took lannan around 5 years to get 18mil and Dream 1 year to get 20mil subs

    24. Dori Miller

      you should spend 1m usd on pokemon go

    25. monimagic1981

      use im bored song in the intro please

    26. Socratic

      My dad financed your parents' car today, @lazarbeam :D

    27. genesis8199 .,

      By the way please upload

    28. genesis8199 .,

      Laser beam is the best youtuber in Earth

      1. genesis8199 .,

        Laser beam your the best

    29. Radu Samuel

      Lazar play Friday night funkin but ugh

    30. Juan Barreneche

      Does anyone think lazarbeam will play Total war warhammer3

    31. AlphaToast

      Hey Lazarbeam, I was playing fortnite and I found a glitch where when you spray a wall and stand next to it your skin camouflages to be the same color as the wall

    32. fiurekiller

      My friends make fun of me for looking like Eminem

    33. Brooklynn and Shayne


    34. Baby yoda

      I saw you on roblox yesterday 👀

    35. Clayton Williams

      Why do new zealanders say "yiss" instead of "yes"?

    36. Connor The Lazer

      Props to that waiter he saved that situation.


      Laser beam when you gonna upload another vid I love your memes but I’ve watched almost all your vids and I really wanna see some new content

    38. Lennynotakid !

      0:52 Me too I have a big one!!

    39. swaraj Mohite

      Hi lazar love your vids

    40. the–icy greek-god

      The irony that I got a tiktok ad on this video

    41. Joseph Bader

      Pls like Laserbeam I have the same exact profile picture of you on my Home Screen

    42. Ashton Dewitt

      No body paying me your like my wife but I am not gay

    43. ChristmasMarcus7


    44. Graysen Nikkel

      This is an amazing accomplishment made by Lannan! Congratulations Lol

    45. Julian Melly

      “I can’t really wink with 1 eye”

    46. Charmaine Virgo

      i named a pokemon after you because... your content has surpassed my expectations

    47. jason Wolf


    48. xkeanabian

      Hey lazarbeam yesterday i saw your roblox acc playing, was it you or.. your account got hacked

    49. Colton Kane

      PETITION: every time Lazarbeam makes an "I'm bored" vid he has to use the song as the intro

    50. Joyce Obermeier

      oh btw the way i use your code in everything

    51. Joyce Obermeier

      can u accept a friend request from THEMAINEVENT55?

    52. Bryan Estevez

      bro i was in omegle saing us code lazar in de fortnite item shop cause of dis video

    53. Caden Musick

      the lazarbeam theme song is from my friend endigo sub to him hes a legend

    54. Shrek On 2 hz

      He still has the og logo in the corner

    55. X Astall

      Me Australian

    56. John Nunn

      I love your content

    57. Tracy Paki

      Hey Lazar I'm going to shave my mulet of for you

    58. Sean Phifer

      imagine liking the celtics (sorry celtics fans)


      Love you lazarbeam daddy ughhhhhhhh

    60. d_ kingyo

      What employees do on their free time 6:51

    61. Ghali Balbisi

      Actually the guys who were letting their friend at the end of the video Actually were speaking arabic

    62. How to DIY girls !

      Ok can we just talk about how he is wearing a boston celtics t shirt but he legit lives in australia lol

    63. Ethansavage 37

      hello laserbeam LOL

    64. Jenna City

      LazarBeam- "ik some ppl say LazarBeam isn't funny anymore" me- dying laughing after he farts and says "i may be 26 years of age but me and this kid have the same energy"

      1. Jenna City

        LazarBeam will not pin that comment

    65. Jenn Maurice


    66. Lucas Weber

      What happened to click?

    67. Jose Perez


    68. Melissa Creel

      Week 2 of asking for a q&a 😊

    69. Trollking 5236

      That should be you’re new intro song

    70. Sg Mic

      You should to a my strange addiction the top 10 shocking videos PLEASE

    71. naveen mahabir

      y did he jump

    72. Louis Finnegan

      Play a horrer game

    73. Emerson Casali

      That bullcut is bussin🥶🥶

    74. Javier Mangual

      Tik Tok im a clock a i have a giant rooster

    75. Jim Ham

      Wtf happened to click

    76. Broken jaw The allosaurus

      That’s all folks of this episode Will lazar be bored Find out next time on i am bored the series

    77. D4 clan better than faZe

      Sorry I can not spell wink

    78. Maddix Seals

      Play call of duty

    79. D4 clan better than faZe

      I mean wenck

    80. D4 clan better than faZe

      I can weck with one eye

    81. Dylan Hancock


    82. Dylan Hancock

      Can u add me on fortnite plz later beam

    83. Angus YOANNIDIS

      Hey lazerbeam, where are the fortnite videos?

    84. Jwood729

      "Don't strike the video" Even though it's already probably gonna be copyright striked, lol

    85. Toms Gaming

      Tommyinnit sucks he’s so rude to us australians

    86. TDSSixthLace YT

      Can u do some more roblox robux spending

      1. mitchi soccer team sharks


    87. crazyalpaca 2020

      He must be like 5000000 in age tbh ☺😅

    88. MEME SPIKE

      Can you plis upload more

    89. Joseph Joestar

      he should use the I’m bored tik tok as the theme song for I’m bored with Lazarbeam

    90. Isaac Bentley

      The haircut tik tok tho

    91. Master Mankini

      He has to buy a happy cow we need him to see this

    92. Luca Cel

      What happened to the meme olimpics

    93. Luca Cel

      What happened to the meme elimpics

    94. Carolyn Andrews

      Please can you give @ttv_alfiewhiten2 a shout out on tiktok he is a big fan please notice him and he has your merch

    95. Carolyn Andrews

      Please can you give @ttv_alfiewhiten2 a shout out on tiktok he is a big fan please notice him and he has your merch

    96. Carolyn Andrews

      Please can you give @ttv_alfiewhiten2 a shout out on tiktok he is a big fan please notice him and he has your merch

    97. Carolyn Andrews

      Please can you give @ttv_alfiewhiten2 a shout out on tiktok he is a big fan please notice him and he has your merch

    98. Carolyn Andrews

      Please can you give @ttv_alfiewhiten2 a shout out on tiktok he is a big fan please notice him and he has your merch

    99. Carolyn Andrews

      Please can you give @ttv_alfiewhiten2 a shout out on tiktok he is a big fan please notice him and he has your merch